925 sterling silver is 925/1000 silver plus 75/1000 alloy, and is the internationally recognized standard for sterling silver.
Therefore, silver jewelry is generally made of 925 sterling silver, which is a delicate precious metal material and has a certain value preservation property. Generally, silver with a content of 925/1000 or above is sterling silver, and 925 silver is also recognized internationally as sterling silver.

Nowadays, the surface of sterling silver jewelry is generally polished and anti-oxidation treated to prevent it from oxidizing and turning black easily. Don’t worry if there is a little oxidation after wearing it. Just use silver wiping cloth or silver washing water and other maintenance materials by yourself, so that you can easily return your silver jewelry to its original luster.

In addition, silver is generally divided into electroplated white gold or 925 plain silver without electroplating.


  • Surface plating treatment: When silver jewelry is electroplated with platinum, the jewelry will have a different luster and color than pure silver. The color is brighter, the luster is smooth, and it is not easy to oxidize.
  • Unplated plain silver: Unplated plain silver jewelry is the true color of silver and will produce different natural aged effects as it is worn. In addition to making the silver jewelry more refined and three-dimensional, the luster is also warmer.


*Maintenance method

  • You can add baking soda powder to clean water and then clean and wipe it.
  • Use silver wiping cloth, silver wiping lotion and other products to wipe.
  • Use a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste or tooth powder and scrub gently. After scrubbing, let the foam adhere to the silver jewelry for about a minute, then rinse it with clean water. After drying it with a soft cloth, you will find that your beloved silver jewelry has returned to its original state. of beautiful nature.
  • Soak in silver washing water, rinse with clean water, wipe clean, and keep dry.

*Taboos for maintaining silver jewelry

  • Silver jewelry care products such as silver polishing cloth contain silver care ingredients, so please do not wash them with water.
  • If using a silver polishing cloth can restore 80% of the jewelry's luster, there is no need to use silver polishing milk and silver washing water. These products are corrosive to a certain extent, and excessive use will cause silver to yellow easily.